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This track has been one of my favorite on this album. I think the reason is partly because it is kind of bold and raucous which gives me access in performance to the expression of some more taboo and perhaps challenging emotion and sentiment. I think also partly because it says some things lyrically that I am glad to get to sing in a song.
This song began as a calling out of a certain but sort of vague class or group of people who's general presence peoples myths, legends, and contemporary sociopolitical ideologies.
In our nature we all seem to have the desire to frame ourselves as the good guys and to have a great need to aim our arrows of vindication at a specific target. We all want someone to blame. The more general the more easily accessible. Left blames Right and visa versa. We all want to surround ourselves with those who's beliefs and patterns mirror and support our own and whether we admit it or not, we like to have another group who walks a different walk whom we can blame for everything.
The original lyrics began as a statement of arrogant and mocking statement of control from a shadowy but powerful family of people.
It went: I come from a long line of kings
flush with the blood and the fatness of things
I bask in the glow of the worlds elite few….. and so on
I played the song live a few times and felt tapped into the edginess of what I was saying. To simplify a more indescribable account… As I was sitting with the idea over a few weeks, the point kept arising that when we point our fingers, it is more often than not ourselves that we are pointing out. When people blame "the man" in all actuality they are "the man" and in all actuality, so are you.
The song then began to form over the course of a few days and then it took me a few session over the next couple weeks to remember the lyrics enough to perform them live.


I'm no good
what does that even mean?
I've got scars where my hands
are tied to the machine
I'm strolling through nature
where I'm bound to explode
no one can tell me
how not to go

I'm so hot till I'm cold
and there are stones in my eyes
while the present unfolds
I'll be watching the skies
I'm around but I'm square
I'm young but I'm spry
Deep down inside
I can't help wondering why

I'm no good
I've been watching you fall
I won't' go for a little
As I've come for it all
I suffer terrible visions
you don't know what I've seen
there in the dark
all eyes glued to the screen

I'm no good
There's no turning back now
I own your reflection till you figure out how
I'm an outrageous liar
and I don't have free will
I die all the time
but I'll be living here still

I'm the wily serpent
in the curve of the tree
I'm the maid by the water
brings her dinner to me
I'm a king in a castle
who thinks you're not even real
I'm the outlaw hunted
for refusing to kneel

I'm no good
I watched the dawning of time
If you read the scrolls
then you've heard of my kind
you don't even know it
let me proffer a clue
when you're looking at me
you're only seeing you

I'm no good
I wear a blanket of blindness
Don't you know being nice
is the devil's version of kindness
I absorb your weakness
until I make it a trend
Only my victims
will be known as my friends

I'm full of sorrow and anger
do you find me aloof
your tribe has estranged me
without any proof
a river of words
marks the twist of my trail
the root of my weakness
is how deeply I care

I'm no good
a rare event in the skies
you're very own molten
mysterious prize
I absorb your weakness
till I make it a trend
only my victims will be known as my friends

I'm no good
no good
no good
No good


from Dragonfly Season, released November 25, 2013
Words and music written and performed by Spencer Scholes. All rights reserved 2013



all rights reserved


Spencer Scholes Durham, North Carolina

Spencer Scholes writes songs hefted from the weight of experience, painted with hues of imagination, and tempered by the sting of sharp self examination. Softer sounds in his recordings conceal the foothills of volcanic stage energy. Currently, Spencer is touring nationally in support of his debut solo album Dragonfly Season. ... more

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