Dragonfly Season

by Spencer Scholes

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This Album was recorded in May 2013 at Slipped Disc Studios in Ashland VA. The entire album was recorded live without tracking and little effect used in the mixes. One guitar was used, a Martin Custom purchased that morning due to a major malfunction in Spencer's guitar the night before. The owner of Slipped Disc, Bill McElroy ran the board, set up for, recorded, mixed, and mastered all the songs. Bill teaches at the university in Ashland VA. and has been producing records for somewhere around thirty years. He is well known for his work with bluegrass stars The Seldom Scene. His expertise was sought out due to his experience in recording all live without tracking.

Spencer arrived a bit late with the new guitar and sat down close to 1:30 pm to begin recording. Bill had set up three mikes, one for vocals and two for the guitar. After some adjustments to the levels, Spencer began playing. Performing multiple takes of most of the songs and one take of a couple like Without You, Spencer stood up to leave about 7:30 pm having taken only short breaks to sip on something warm. Rain storms had come and gone during the session and as Spencer stepped outside to leave, the sun was beginning to go down, piercing the great grey nimbus clouds heading west.

The songs on Dragonfly Season are a collection of older and newer songs that Spencer had been performing out live. Most had never been recorded before. Several songs had been a long time coming to see the light in this format having been performed live for years without being recorded such as Refugees Rebuke. The major difference in this album from others that you will hear is that it was all recorded live and without effect. Bad notes were left in, as well as some missed vocals. Try and see if you can spot where.

The reason for recording in this fashion was due to the fact that Spencer was leaving the following morning to embark on a national solo tour to California and back. Performing without a band in over 28 shows in eight states, he felt that he had to have something that showed what he sounded like live , acoustic, and in the moment.

A lot of feeling and labor went into these songs. As much as the artist could pour into them. Admittedly, Spencer is known as a live performer and the feeling of his live sessions is arguably not matched by recordings. Though the songs are a bit outside of a particular genre, listen closely you will find that these songs are not the efforts of a beginner or a hobbyist.

Please keep in mind that the efforts here represent several decades of practice and diligence in music. With the availability provided by the internet of a world of free material, it is easy to devalue in our own mind the cost and labor that goes into writing and recording songs. Not to mention the large expense. Please consider that effort and expense when listening. If you are unable to make a purchase, please keep in mind that interest and support is what makes the music possible. Sharing with friends, visiting the website, and communicating with the artist are all much appreciated.

The Album cover was designed by Josh Moore's WiseEyesSolutions in Richmond VA. search him online for quotes. www.wiseeyessolutions.com

"Thank you to everyone who has ever supported and inspired me to continue to do what it is I do. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do this!"

Spencer Scholes


released November 25, 2013

All songs written and performed by Spencer Scholes. All rights reserved 2013



all rights reserved


Spencer Scholes Durham, North Carolina

Spencer Scholes writes songs hefted from the weight of experience, painted with hues of imagination, and tempered by the sting of sharp self examination. Softer sounds in his recordings conceal the foothills of volcanic stage energy. Currently, Spencer is touring nationally in support of his debut solo album Dragonfly Season. ... more

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Track Name: Firefly
This is so new
I know what to do
I've got to thread through the tangle
I need to climb to the blue

These windows of sense
I cannot explain
drawn on this primal heat
awoke in the day

Sun going down
Tall grass a road
the music inside me burns
I'll give it away

My breath is deep
too small to compare
glowing like jewels
fit to grace
the night air

My moment has come
soon will be done
rejoice in the rising breeze
until it's gone

I cannot speak!
I cannot refrain!
nor turn from the coming night
will I rise again

This is my peace
my given name
lit like a fire
will I rise again

This is so new
I know what to do
rejoice in the here and now
until it's through
Track Name: Soldier On
I'm gonna soldier on
go out and see for myself
I know it won't be long
go out and see for myself

So tell me why
should I be so afraid
why should I hide
just because
they don't like what I've made

I know I'm right and wrong
Just the same as everyone else
I have been weak, I've been strong
I won't forget how it felt

No matter how much I may want to
I know that I can't change this on my own
When others tell me to
It just makes me feel alone

I know there's one way home
I can't go for anyone else
No matter where I roam
I have to be good to myself

So tell me why
Should I be so afraid
Why should I hide
just because
I don't like what they've made

I'm gonna soldier on
go out, go out,
go on out, I'm gonna go on out
and see for myself
Track Name: Refugees Rebuke
Today your life is shining
you're young, you're strong
and you're high
But you are flirting with disaster
and in her arms you are not shy

Keep flirting with destruction
but don't expect relief
you can only go so far in this direction
before you find out what it means

So you had to leave your home
believe me, I understand
You're going to need a place to hide soon
you're going to need a helping hand

Don't bite the hand the helps you
Don't try to pass the blame
you've made the move now move on
I've had to do the same

When you can't win for losing
and you find you're on your own
Take an honest look
You have to carry it
or let it all go

In the halls of the sublime
we took the potion
passed all time
watched as the fragments danced
we tasted joy and sorrow
saw they are the same at second glance
Track Name: Dragonfly Season
The temperature is up
a heat wave smashes
onto these stuffy bodies
the crushing air crashes

one hundred degrees
one hundred and rising
there's a dull milky haze
disguising the horizon

there's a million mosquitos
frantically weaving
through the predators palace
this dragonfly season

There's a shortage of shade
tempers are flaring
the hideouts are praying
for their air conditioning

Well I thought I heard thunder
I'm only teasing
It's just a darting winged wonder
this dragonfly season

Things aren't the same
when the weather is freezing
so come out and play
this dragonfly season

The pressure keeps climbing
invisibly gripping
the unwary busybodies
go on with their shopping

work smothers on
with no rhyme or reason
when everyone
should just sit and listen

I'm not falling out
I'm not going to pieces
I'd rather enjoy this
Dragonfly season
Track Name: Riddle
I'm no good
what does that even mean?
I've got scars where my hands
are tied to the machine
I'm strolling through nature
where I'm bound to explode
no one can tell me
how not to go

I'm so hot till I'm cold
and there are stones in my eyes
while the present unfolds
I'll be watching the skies
I'm around but I'm square
I'm young but I'm spry
Deep down inside
I can't help wondering why

I'm no good
I've been watching you fall
I won't' go for a little
As I've come for it all
I suffer terrible visions
you don't know what I've seen
there in the dark
all eyes glued to the screen

I'm no good
There's no turning back now
I own your reflection till you figure out how
I'm an outrageous liar
and I don't have free will
I die all the time
but I'll be living here still

I'm the wily serpent
in the curve of the tree
I'm the maid by the water
brings her dinner to me
I'm a king in a castle
who thinks you're not even real
I'm the outlaw hunted
for refusing to kneel

I'm no good
I watched the dawning of time
If you read the scrolls
then you've heard of my kind
you don't even know it
let me proffer a clue
when you're looking at me
you're only seeing you

I'm no good
I wear a blanket of blindness
Don't you know being nice
is the devil's version of kindness
I absorb your weakness
until I make it a trend
Only my victims
will be known as my friends

I'm full of sorrow and anger
do you find me aloof
your tribe has estranged me
without any proof
a river of words
marks the twist of my trail
the root of my weakness
is how deeply I care

I'm no good
a rare event in the skies
you're very own molten
mysterious prize
I absorb your weakness
till I make it a trend
only my victims will be known as my friends

I'm no good
no good
no good
No good
Track Name: Mountains
I can see the mountains
when I close my eyes
mountains that I run to
when I fail for all my tries
there's fire on the mountains
time records the place
a moment caught in fear
only love can erase

Oh sister of the mountains
be my sober bride
take me to the flower fields
where the sweet water resides
for our introduction
a broken warning bell
who was I to think that
I could never tell

Of all that we thought we'd gained
appears so small
of all that we had loved
of all that we had fought for
all that we had made
seen so far below

Flee the burning city
race the setting sun
no danger in the canyon
gonna set me on the run
Flee the flooded valley
the all consuming tide
raise your gaze up to the heights
where the soaring eagles rise
so far and so high
they almost reach the sun
cast their shadows down
on everyone
dare and try and reach it
better dare to reach the peak
name me one thing anyone
who lives down here would seek

The mountain view exposes
the valleys hidden lives
an ark of light it traces
across these weary eyes
I feel this every evening
and even when I wake
what's left when it collapses
is that which cannot break

When all that we thought we'd gained
appears so small
all that we had found
all that we had fought for
all that we had made
seen so far below

The wind upon the summit
so strong it makes you fear
causes one to question
all that you held dear
there's sweetness in these mountains
few will ever taste
there's even joy in sadness
when the mountains laid to waste
Track Name: Tentative
A road leads off, into sun warmed green
I'm deep in thought, eating rice and beans
Whenever I cross the ponderous tar
I think of you
I can't give up, I can't give in

I work till I break blisters still, I'm barely getting by
Often get the feeling, I'd rather lay down
But I can't give up, I can't give in
I can't give up, I can't give in

For now I ride down the freeway
past the cities forests and fields
hopeful ever hopeful in a reunion
who knows what the future yields

There is an ache behind my eyes
I feel I may be in for a big surprise
As if all of my grey internal skies, are finally turning blue
and I can't give up, I can't give in

I can hear the strangers crying
darling I am trying so hard to see our love go through
I've got four thousand years of bad vibes,
mistaken identity laying on my head trying to make me blue
and give up on you
but I can't give up, I can't give in

A bent path through the woods heard my footsteps
where the light burst in gold through the leaves
given our brief time together, if you called, I'd roll up my sleeves

A road leads off into sun warmed green
I'm deep in thought, eating rice and beans
Wherever I go, both far and near, I always think of you
and I can't give up, I can't give in
I can't give up, I can't give in
Track Name: Anna Liffey
Capture a lonely heart
give her a little tender touch
and you'll see her start
to bloom more beautiful
than the mountains in the spring
more wise and wonderful
than all of nature's lovely things

Speak her name
but don't hesitate
this miracle will blow away
should you have to wait
like the laughing river
she will roll along
you must do more than want her
or you must wander on

You and I
once were thick as thieves
two of a common pattern
like the falling leaves
and all that passed between us
always will remain
along as there is sunshine
this dull annulling pain

Anna Liffey
Track Name: Without You
From a sunlit room in Charlottesville
where you and I made love
without expectations
I face a new morning without you
without you
without you
I face a new morning without you

I cannot call your name
and hear your sweet reply
this is not the time
for asking permission
there is more to this
and it will tell
for this is not me dreaming
my heart's desire is to spend my life with you
shake these blues
pace no more
the sleepless halls of wondering
while my labors spin
out of the hands
of any who'd refuse them

so when you greet the dawn
with your smiling eyes
and your coffee cup
so physically grateful
will you remember dear
how I loved you
and I know
you're thinking of me too
thinking of me too
thinking of me too
you're thinking of me too